Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A money raising update on the Chilean earthquake

Fund raising for the Chilean earthquake is much slower than the Haitian earthquake. Some aid organizations are not even requesting funds from donors because the Chilean government has not asked for help from them, they have only asked for assistance from the United Nations. This all speaks to the fact the Chile was in a much better position to respond to a crisis.

From Philanthropy Today, writer Nicole Wallace gives us this round-up of the money raised so far.

As of Monday afternoon, Oxfam America had raised $3,499 for relief efforts in Chile. Three days after the earthquake in Haiti, the Boston relief group had received $2.9-million.

The fact that the Chilean quake happened over the weekend is also a factor in giving, according to a spokeswoman from World Vision U.S.

In the two days after the disaster in Chile, World Vision U.S. raised $220,000 for relief efforts, significantly less than the $3.9-million the organization had received during the same period after the Tuesday earthquake in Haiti.

As of Monday morning, Save the Children USA had raised $30,000, primarily through a Web and e-mail appeal to its current donors.

At this point, CARE USA, which does not have a permanent presence in Chile, is not accepting donations for relief efforts. CARE Germany has given almost $34,000 to a local charity in Chile with which it has worked in the past.

On Sunday, the American Red Cross pledged up to $50,000 from its International Relief Fund to the Chilean Red Cross—if it requests such assistance. The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies gave an additional amount of roughly $279,000.

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