Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clinton's plea for Haiti at the World Economic Forum

Former US President Bill Clinton appealed to over 1,400 business CEOs to help invest in Haiti. During the World Economic Forum, Clinton asked business leaders to not only provide aid but to make think of the long term investment opportunities possible in the earthquake stricken country. Clinton now serves as the US envoy to Haiti.

From CBS Marketwatch, writer William L. Watts attended the Forum.

"There are serious, unmet food and water needs and part of it is that a distribution system just does not exist," Clinton said in a session added after to the annual meeting agenda after the Jan. 12 earthquake that's feared to have left more than 150,000 dead.

With around 1,400 CEOs attending the annual gathering of business leaders, politicians, and heads of non-governmental organizations, Clinton, the U.N. special envoy for Haiti, called for help in meeting urgent distribution needs. See full coverage of the World Economic Forum.

"If there's anybody here who knows where I can get some big trucks ... I need 100 yesterday," he said.

The forum dedicated three sessions to Haiti and also set up a Haiti desk in the middle of the Congress Center, which is hosting the annual meeting, where participants can receive information on how to help.

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