Monday, February 16, 2009

Sending animals overseas

The charity that comes to the top of the mind when talking about providing animals for the poor is Heifer International. A story from a Californian newspaper tells us of a smaller group that does the same thing.

The Redlands branch of the American Association of University Women have sent animals to Kosovo and Tanzania. The Redlands Daily Facts tells us about the organizations latest contribution.

The International Affairs group meets once a month for a meal based on the cuisine of various countries. Meetings also include speakers such as Carla Berlington, who recently talked about Burma, also known as Myanmar, where she rescues children as young as 5 who she said would be trained as soldiers for radical groups.

Berlington's group gives food, shelter, clothing and a safe haven to those children. She said she is in constant danger there, many times under live fire.

Members of the International Affairs group not only listen to stories about people in other countries, but also try to help those people.

This year the group has contributed to Berlington's program and to Heifer International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to relieving hunger and poverty through gifts of livestock and plants.

Through their contributions to Heifer International, members of the International Affairs group sent a goat to a family in the village of Muribe in northwest Tanzania. The goat will provide protein and income from milk and other dairy products that people can use to pay for medicine, housing and school for their children.

The group also sent 20 chickens to a family in Kosovo. The chickens will provide the family with a steady supply of protein-rich eggs and meat and a natural way of controlling disease-bearing insects.

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