Friday, January 09, 2009

Muncie, Indiana gathers for a town hall meeting on poverty

The town of Muncie, Indiana had a town hall meeting last night to discuss how to combat poverty in their community. The meeting also talked about how the working poor is falling further behind. Ivy Farguheson of the Star Press tells us what was presented.

Sponsored by TEAMwork for Quality Living and the Economic Poverty Impact Coalition, the meeting was intended to discuss what needs to be done in Muncie and the surrounding areas to assist those living in poverty.

Residents from across varying income levels were on hand, not only to ask what can be done to assist someone in poverty but also what can be done to assist the ever-increasing working poor.

"When you have a middle class that's working and they are considered a working-poor group, there is a larger problem out here," said Monica James. "We do fall short, and it's not because we're lavishing ourselves in these wonderful gifts."

Leaders of local non-profits presented the evidence of increasing demands for their services by the working poor and offered suggestions for where to receive services to make it through tough times.

But there was also an emphasis on giving people information that could save them time and money in the short and long term.

"We need to have a better infrastructure that allows this sort of information to get out," said Gary Chenault, president and CEO of the United Way of Delaware County. "We have an information gap."

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Rockinon said...

I can well understand how Muncie has a growing problem with an expanding population of working poor. Caterpillar is threatening to close a plant in London, Ontario, and move the work to Muncie where they will pay slave wages. This will save the company big bucks as they will slash their wages related expenses by about 50 percent. How folk can be asked to live on $16 an hour is hard for me to fathom. If a person puts in an honest day's work, they should get paid an honest day's pay. Otherwise the company is being dishonest in their dealings with their employees.