Wednesday, December 19, 2007

from Dutch News

People on low incomes have increasing problems in making ends meet but the number of households living in poverty in the Netherlands is falling, according to the new Poverty Monitor published by the government’s social policy advisor SCP.

Around half of the low income households (net income of €870 for a single person) say they have great difficulties in coping, which is almost double the figure five years ago, the report said.

However, the percentage of households on low incomes is expected to fall to just under 8% next year, down from 10% now, the report said.

More than one in 10 of these poor households cannot afford to keep their homes warm or provide a hot meal every other day.

According to the research, 3.4 million children (9%) live in poverty in the Netherlands. Many of their families cannot afford holidays, internet connections or membership to sports clubs.

Although many poor households are made up of people on welfare benefits, there are also 175,000 working people with low incomes. Of these six out of 10 are self-employed.

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